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Is Apple working on its own Fitness Center integration for future iOS versions?

Patently Apple has uncovered another very interesting Apple Patent application. This time it is an integrated Fitness Center app that it has been working on for quite some time. Nike also appear to have had some involvement in the development as one illustration lists “The Nike Training Club Class?. The app covers all aspects of [...]

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Computer scientists tackle the hard, long-lasting question of 'that's what she said'

Humor: it's what separates humans from machines, GlaDOS from HAL 9000, and even a good boss from a great boss. For millennia humor was seemingly unlearnable -- either you had it or you didn't -- but two University of Washington computer scientists have cracked part of the comedy code. They've developed an algorithm to find potential innuendos in everyday speech: a "that's what she said" detector. Their approach, dubbed "Double Entendre via Noun Transfer" (DeviaNT), uses a "sexiness" rating for nouns, adjectives, and verbs, while also analyzing the likelihood of similar combinations occurring in erotic literature. Higher values signal higher TWSS potential, and the researchers have successfully tested their program with user-generated content from websites like TWSSStories. Why is this useful, you ask? It's one more advance in natural-language processing, helping researchers codify the subtle workings of human language. Just think: one day, a softball like "I think this meat is too big for my buns" might receive the same "clever" response from your computer as from your juvenile friends.

[Image via Insley Unruh]

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New software uses facial recognition to defend against prying eyes

Having the right programs and hardware to keep the information on your display safe from prying eyes is never a bad idea, and new software from Oculis Labs offers a very interesting take on how to do just that. It's called PrivateEye, and it utilizes facial recognition to automatically pixelate the contents of your display when you look away.

If you step away from your system and someone else decides to sit down and poke around, PrivateEye will present a confusing jumble of garbled text. It'll even notify you if someone tries to peek over your shoulder -- and display a picture of your peeping Tom, throw up an alert, or sound an alarm.

Check out the video embed after the break, and share your thoughts in the comments!

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Daily Crunch: Back To Life Edition

Cisco To Shut Down Flip Video Camera Business; Will Give Pink Slips To 550 Employees Activision: Guitar Hero Not Dead, Merely Placed On Hiatus AutoTech Video: A Week In A Prototype Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Mobee Magic Bar Will Charge Your Wireless Apple Stuff Without Wires Senator To Propose New Internet Sales Tax (No Relation)

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FBI May Hunt Down and Destroy Botnets in Zombie PCs

The FBI has requested and received a preliminary injunction from a U.S. district judge to continuing issuing "stop" commands to the zombie machines infected with the Coreflood botnet. It is an essential step that is part of the agency's dramatic takedown of the botnet's command-and-control system earlier this month, an agent said in written testimony.

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HTC ThunderBolt poised for an update?

Android Central

Remember that HTC ThunderBolt ROM that leaked out a few days ago? Looks like Verizon's getting ready to push it (or something close to it?), as Android Central Forums member jim302 spotted that the release notes have been posted in the usual place and the build numbers match up. Here's the changelog:

Web Browsing and Data Access

  • Enhanced data connectivity when accessing the Verizon 3G network

Email and Messaging

  •  SMS and MMS messages are stored properly in the Messaging
  • Application (Inbox, Sent, etc.).

Additional Device Features

  • Timing for device activation has been improved.
  • “Backup Assistant” is correctly displayed in the Application menu.
  • Stability improvements for data centric applications such as
  • Facebook, KAYAK, Yahoo! Mail, My Verizon and more.
  • Accurate location is displayed when accessing the Weather Widget
  • Quickly load GPS updates for Google Maps and VZ Navigator™.

Look for it to push out, oh, any time now, we suppose.

Source: Verizon (pdf); via: Android Central Forums

Edit: Tweaked the story and headline a tad.

HTC ThunderBolt poised for an update? posted originally by Android Central

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Nike+ GPS data becomes art, exercise still exhausting

Need a new use for that Nike+ SportWatch GPS you dropped 200 clams on? Interactive media collective YesYesNo has transformed the SportWatch data -- you know, that pristine numerical representation of all your huffing, sweating, and hurting -- into something like art. Working at Nike's Innovation Labs, the group first sent runners out across the company's campus wearing the watches. Then, custom software combined GPS maps of their workouts with information about speed, distance, and acceleration to create an initial 3-D rendering. Finally, each runner could tweak textures and colors to create a customized print; some even had their designs laser etched on a custom shoe box. The software powering all this creativity is long way from commercialization, but is built on openFrameworks, so feel free to start hacking your data into beautiful, life-giving artwork. Or you could, you know, go for a jog.

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The Best Deal of the Day [Dealzmodo]

Dude! What's up with your mouse? Wait, what are you doing? Why is it turning into a motorcycle!? More »

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You can now rent Adobe Photoshop for $35 per month, CS 5.5 available soon

Rejoice! No longer will you have to fork over $700 for a Photoshop CS5 license! Adobe has unveiled a new subscription scheme where you can rent the entire Creative Suite, or individual packages, by the month, or for an entire year.

Adobe Photoshop can be yours for $35 per month if you agree to rent it for 12 months, or $49 per month if you require its services for a shorter period. Dreamweaver can be had for even cheaper, at just $19 per month. The entire Master Collection is still rather expensive, though, at $125 per month.

Today, Adobe also ushered in the release of Creative Suite 5.5, and simultaneously upped its release cycle from 18 months to 24 months. This means, if you rent Photoshop for two years, it's actually the same cost as buying it outright. There's no rent-to-own option, though -- so you wouldn't have access to the cheaper upgrade price once Creative Suite 6 rolls around next year. Still, if you need access to Photoshop, After Effects or Premiere for a one-time project, the new rental scheme could be exactly what you're looking for.

In other news, Adobe has announced that it will be launching three rather exciting iPad apps that work in conjunction with Photoshop: Eazel, Nav, and Color Lava. Eazel lets you five-finger paint on your iPad, and export the result into Photoshop; Nav acts as some kind of workspace, brush and menu extension, and the hopefully named Color Lava is a paint mixing palette. The apps are expected to appear in the App Store in the next 30 days.

You can now rent Adobe Photoshop for $35 per month, CS 5.5 available soon originally appeared on Download Squad on Mon, 11 Apr 2011 06:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Random Dude Hijacks the Royal Wedding Color Feed [Image Cache]

The Royal Wedding is finally goddamn over and now Will and Kate can look back at all the social media they foisted upon the Internet—YouTube videos, Facebook comments, and a Color account sponsored by The Telegraph. And in between pictures of stupid hats and kissing they can find this guy giving his Royal approval, complete with Union Jack underwear and royal blue spandex. [Color Royal Wedding Album via TechCrunch] More »

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Line Grapefruit is a tricky Flash "path" game

Okay, see that snaking line coming in from the right on the screenshot? That's you. And see those large round circles? Those are supposedly grapefruits, only they won't sit still - they keep moving up and down and cutting across your path. And if you touch one, you die!

That's what you have to deal with in Line Grapefruit. But that's not all - you're also on a time limit. In fact, you have a very limited amount of time to make it through the "path" (for lack of a better word). You need to snake your way through the winding trail without touching anything. The good news is that a grapefruit only kills you if it touches the end of the line - once you've made it past the grapefruit, nothing happens if it crosses the path you've made.

This is not an easy game, but it's quite unique - I can't recall seeing another game quite like it.

Line Grapefruit is a tricky Flash "path" game originally appeared on Download Squad on Fri, 01 Apr 2011 17:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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