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Google Cloud Print comes to HP ePrint printers

hp google cloud print
HP has become the first major OEM to deliver support for Google Cloud Print in retail-boxed printers. In an official release, HP announced that its ePrint-enabled printers are now fully Cloud Print compatible. Just sign in to your Google account, pick your HP ePrint device, and you're ready to fire off a print job from anywhere you've got Internet access. Well, as long as your app supports Cloud Print as well -- like Gmail and Google Docs, for example.

We're curious, though -- how many of you are still printing? Like our pals at Engadget, our printers have been mostly gathering dust for the last few years.

Google Cloud Print comes to HP ePrint printers originally appeared on Download Squad on Fri, 01 Apr 2011 08:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Craigslist Buyer Asks to Use Bathroom, Takes a Shower [Video]

The people from Replyboard—a service that claims to eliminate Craigslist trouble—wanted "to make the point that you have no idea what will happen when you meet a complete stranger from Craigslist." So they went to visit four sellers with a hidden camera. More »

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Genetic Atlas Yields a Brainbow of Cognitive Information [Science]

Scientists have created the first genetic "atlas" of the human brain, and the result is a very pretty Skittles-esque map of the brain as a rainbow. A brainbow. More »

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Color vulnerable to simple GPS hack, lets you spy on anyone, anywhere

Color, the $41-million-in-funding location-oriented photo sharing startup, is susceptible to simple GPS spoofing. With nothing more than a jailbroken iPad or iPhone, you can use FakeLocation to trick Color into thinking you're somewhere else. Within seconds you can be browsing photos that were snapped thousands of miles away. With a little digging, you can pore through photos not intended for your eyes.

Of course, such a hack isn't illegal as such -- every photo you take with Color is public. With FakeLocation you are simply circumventing Color's very limited location-oriented security mechanism. It does undermine Color's usefulness (and uniqueness), though -- if nefarious types can sit in their bedroom or basement and eavesdrop on classy dinner parties and wild night club soirees, people might be less inclined to share personal photos with those around them.

Fortunately, both for Color and its users, this is an easy security hole to plug -- at least in the short term. The app (or server-side) code simply checks to see if the user has 'teleported' an impossibly large distance, without any intermediate steps in between. In the long term, though, Color's users must be aware that its social graph is completely public. Color's users must realize that every photo they upload is visible by anyone, from any place.

After the break, just to elucidate a little on Color's actual business model and ultimate intention, we have two amazing quotes from Bill Nguyen, Color's founder.

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Color vulnerable to simple GPS hack, lets you spy on anyone, anywhere originally appeared on Download Squad on Tue, 29 Mar 2011 05:36:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Windows 8 Explorer to feature Ribbon UI, SkyDrive and Mesh integration?

windows 8 explorer ribbon
Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott have posted a second look at some of the early changes which have surface in Windows 8 milestone 3. First there was the restyled Welcome Screen, and now it appears that Microsoft is toying with bringing the Ribbon UI to Explorer.

The Ribbon, like in Microsoft Word and Excel, is context-aware, adding tabs for specific tasks which apply to the folder you're viewing -- such as library or picture management. You can also make out two new buttons in the status bar, which allow you to change the current folder's view style.

It's clear from all the placeholder images and repeated elements that this is very much a work in progress, but featuring the Ribbon more prominently in Windows 8 would certainly be a logical progression for Microsoft. It's slowly become more ubiquitous, moving beyond Office and into Wordpad, Paint, and several of the Windows Live Essentials applications.

There's more to the screenshots than the Ribbon UI, however. Our friend Long Zheng has noted two interesting elements in the images: Web sharing and sync (image after the break). That would likely mean users will be able to quickly upload files to SkyDrive and synchronize using Live Mesh right from Explorer in Windows 8. That's not a total surprise considering many of the earliest leaked images of Windows 8 showed Windows Live integration on the desktop.

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Windows 8 Explorer to feature Ribbon UI, SkyDrive and Mesh integration? originally appeared on Download Squad on Sun, 03 Apr 2011 08:10:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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GNOME 3 released, ushers in an interesting amalgam of iOS and OS X

GNOME 3 desktop manager
GNOME 3, after more than two years of development, has been released into the wild. GNOME 3 is not merely the logical successor of GNOME 2: it is an entirely new project, started from scratch, to create a "completely new, modern desktop designed for today's users and technologies."

The best way to check out GNOME 3's new features -- and it has lots of new features -- is to run a live version of openSUSE or Fedora, or simply head over to the GNOME 3 website and watch the (rather pretty) introductory videos. If you want a synopsis, though, here it is: GNOME 3 looks a lot like Mac OS X, with a healthy dollop of iOSesqueness for good measure, but yet it still somehow retains an underlying feel of Linux.

The overall aesthetic is very simple, very elegant, and despite being slightly out of fashion, there are plenty of rounded corners, too. The main addition, workflow-wise, is the addition of an app-launcher-cum-alt-tab screen, where you can launch apps, or flip through your open windows. For a complete list of the new features and changes, check the GNOME 3 release notes.

Despite GNOME 3 being officially launched, there aren't actually any releases for existing, stable Linux distros -- it's the live CD/USB images, or Ubuntu users will have to wait for the launch of 11.04 for a GNOME 3 PPA, but it will break Unity in the process. Fedora users will have to wait for for the May 24 release of Fedora 15. Of course, if you're feeling crazy, you can always build GNOME 3 from source.

GNOME 3 released, ushers in an interesting amalgam of iOS and OS X originally appeared on Download Squad on Thu, 07 Apr 2011 06:40:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Mac OS X Lion Preview 2 released, introduces mega exciting leather bound iCal skin

This is one of those posts that could probably be condensed into a tweet: Apple has released the second Preview of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. If you're running Preview 1, it looks like you'll first receive a small update via Software Update, and then you can download Preview 2 from the Mac App Store.

There has been some speculation that Apple is getting close to a release or Golden Master build, but judging by 9to5 Mac's initial findings there's definitely some way to go. The Golden Master will probably appear at, or just before, the Apple WWDC in June.

So far, it's looking like the only changes in Preview 2 are the leather bound iCal skin that you can see above, and the main iChat window now combines your AIM, Bonjour and Jabber contacts, like Adium. We're sure that more details will emerge throughout the day, though, and there's bound to be lots of invisible changes, too. We'll update this post when we find out more.

Mac OS X Lion Preview 2 released, introduces mega exciting leather bound iCal skin originally appeared on Download Squad on Thu, 31 Mar 2011 05:10:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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TokyoFlash Kisai On Air Acetate Touchscreen LCD Watch

Sometimes watches from TokyoFlash can be a little “out there” and hard to read. The Kisai On Air Acetate touchscreen LCD watch however is a much simpler concept than normal.� We told you about the On Air with a stainless steel case and strap late last year.� Now they’ve introduced a version in acetate, which [...]

Source: http://the-gadgeteer.com/2012/03/30/tokyoflash-kisai-on-air-acetate-touchscreen-lcd-watch/


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How to play your favorite Facebook games on your new iPad

If you've got a new iPad you're probably already aware of how great of an experience gaming is on it. But what about those Facebook games that you're addicted to that may be Flash based? Odds are, you'll be able to enjoy those on your new iPad too.

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Android Central 91: Android 4.0.4 is here, or not; Temple Run definitely is here; plus your questions!

Podcast MP3 URL: 


Thing 1: Hardware news

Thing 2: Software news

Thing 3: Other news

Thing 4: Android 4.0.4 and the Nexus saga

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Fork Skewers Photoshop Skin GimpShop

I thought I had found image-manipulating Nirvana with GimpShop. But the wide world of open source software and the Linux community failed me this week. My quest for a better GIMP tool to give me a Photoshop-like Windows experience turned into a fool's folly. Actually, my faith in the Linux OS is still intact.

Source: http://www.technewsworld.com/rsstory/74731.html


The 4 Tips For Fast Muscle Growth - Tricks For Successful Bodybuilding

There are lots of benefits of enjoying bodybuilding, which is the reason behind it becoming famous. Hopefully these points will minimize any mistakes you come up with. It is the art and then the science of developing yourself. Arginine, in particular, aside from the protein synthesis and also muscle enhancement ability, builds the immunity process and speeds the repair and retrieval of injuries, controls free radicals, supports healthy cholesterol and is great for fat metabolism. What got lost in any that was true motive behind the popular sport.


There are many other organizations which promote the experience including INBF (Foreign Natural Bodybuilding Federation), NPA (Organic Physique Association), NGA (Nationalized Gym Association), NANBF (Us Natural Bodybuilding Federation), NPC (Country wide Physique Committee), and OCB (Business of Competitive Bodybuilders). So, to make sure that you'll be not getting it all wrong, you have to understand for yourself which are usually the substances you must stay away through. Efficient bodybuilding workouts are for no reason about 'quantity. ' Be sure you are obtaining suitable rest among your check this out workouts. These curls are made to be done for varying angles and even at varying dumbbells, in order to supply a well-formed definition for your arms and fore-arms. The combination involving modern scientific breakthroughs and then the wisdom of recent experience will deeper enhance bodybuilder and weight training than either with the two separately.

Some categories of dietary supplements are proved to be natural because they furnish the right connection between one's body ordinarily. Some curls are made to give your spine the up-right, chiseled and well made posture you had always yearned for the purpose of. Eugen Sandow is known among the pioneer of Modern day Bodybuilding. And if you wish to be specific and use calf muscles, you can put weight for your thighs while sitting yourself down and pushing up with the toes. Addicted To A more rewarding Body Building large muscles fast is often a science and I'm enslaved it. During bodybuilding contests, the same strict testing when the ones use throughout the Olympics is put to use.

Female activity and exercise is getting a great deal more popular as women try to be more beautiful and even healthier. If you tend to be moving through your bodybuilding workouts with the precise level of power, the very same level that's needed is to stimulate muscles growth, then you just won't be able to get through any more than 20 - 30 minutes of real effort. Instead, they replace them with wholesome breads, wheat pasta, and sweet taters. This is accomplished by using Progressive Resistance Schooling. Her appearance collection the trend on female bodybuilding while other athletes strived hard to own level of physical structure Ms. Very good good luck and ill see you inside weight space.

As the activity continued to expand and increase within overall popularity, competitors found themselves wanting to train harder and even improve their over-all muscular physique. But we will be continually bombarded with foods that are fitted with no nutritional value to barefoot jogging, all through much of our childhood till presently. Conversely, if you solely eat protein, you will lack energy whilst your body is definately not able to immediately turn the protein into muscle mainly because it is difficult for any body to absorb protein while in the absence of carbohydrate food. That takes high intensity excess fat teaching, as effectively because ultra large emotional focus. Patience is a necessity as it takes number of years to build our bodies you want. In this article I may introduce you a brief history of bodybuilding.

Microsoft files antitrust complaint against Google in Europe, showdown imminent

Bill Gates and Paul AllenMicrosoft, citing Google's tyrannical 95% share of the European search market, has lodged a formal complaint with the European Commission. It's not like Microsoft is breaking any ground here -- the European Commission has been investigating Google's alleged violation of European competition law since November 2010 -- but there's no doubt that the addition of Microsoft's gravitas will affect the proceedings.

Microsoft's complaint reads like a sincere and plaintive cry for help against the Google Overlord. Microsoft lists no less than six damning reasons why Google's behavior is anti-competitive -- from Windows Phone 7's incompatibility with YouTube, to its nefarious handling of Google Books -- and finishes with a wide-eyed plea to the European Commission to please find Google guilty.

For those of you that have been following Microsoft's own antitrust troubles over the last decade, don't worry: MS is quick to point out the irony in the situation. "There of course will be some who will point out the irony in today's filing. Having spent more than a decade wearing the shoe on the other foot with the European Commission, the filing of a formal antitrust complaint is not something we take lightly. This is the first time Microsoft Corporation has ever taken this step. More so than most, we recognize the importance of ensuring that competition laws remain balanced and that technology innovation moves forward."

It sounds like Microsoft, having well and truly gone through the wringer, wants Google to be held similarly accountable. That's fair enough, right?

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Conserve Your Budget with iPad Rental

Technology does not have to break your budget if you consider an iPad rental rather than a purchase. The cost to purchase an iPad outright can be extremely high. Many people may not have that kind of cash handy. Additionally, Most wireless/3G companies lock the customer into lengthy agreements that may end up being far from perfect. iPad rentals also give the customer the freedom to move on, or stay put if desired. Many online stores offer renting options. Renting [...]

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Media Center to live in a separate version of Windows 8?

To the surprise of many, but not all, the same great Windows Media Center from Windows 7 was part of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. What this means for the final version of Windows 8 is still far from known, however, Winunleaked offers up a new clue with the Pro Pack edition labeled as ProfessionalWMC. It's hard to know however, if this is just a different SKU for the Professional version of Windows 8 or a glimpse of something that will impact multiple version of the new operating system. Media Center started as a separate product from Windows proper and Microsoft has publicly left clues that it might return to its roots -- presumably to avoid making every Windows user pay licensing costs for codecs like Dolby Digital that are required for live TV. For the moment, it's really just more speculation while we wait for the fall to arrive with latest official offerings from Redmond.

Media Center to live in a separate version of Windows 8? originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 29 Mar 2012 14:46:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Planes Flying Over Bystanders' Head Make for Wonderful Vintage Photos [Image Cache]

The bystanders in these amazing photographs by Josef Hoflehner aren't screaming like Wayne and Garth, but I'm sure their hearts are sinking fast as passenger jets pass overhead. More »

Source: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/SfJxKm-GH7M/planes-flying-over-bystanders-head-make-for-wonderful-vintage-photos