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Libra for Android helps you track your weight using The Hacker's Diet system

I'm getting fat; that's what you see on the screenshot to the right -- my gradual move from chubby to portly. But never mind the numbers, look at the pretty graph!

If you've ever read The Hacker's Diet, this graph should be instantly recognizable. Each point shows the weight for a given day, while the trend line lets you see if you're gaining or losing weight.

When I use my "main" PC, I have a homebrew solution for creating and maintaining this graph. But I've had to find a temporary solution for Android, and Libra is it.

It's a beautifully simple app, very true to the spirit of The Hacker's Diet. You can create a shortcut on your homescreen that brings you right into the data entry screen, so you just tap the shortcut every morning, feed in your weight for the day and hit OK, and then you get to see your progress (or lack thereof) on the graph.

The app remembers the previous day's weigh-in, which makes it easy to enter today's weight (as they're usually not too different). The graph is zoomable and scrollable, and most importantly, you can export the data to CSV so you're not locked into the app.

If you ever need to track your weight using an Android device for any period of time, Libra is one excellent solution.

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Timing Is Everything: Indie Movie Discovery Platform Prescreen To Close Its Doors

Screen shot 2012-05-31 at 1.14.39 PMIt was just last September that we covered the launch of Prescreen, the startup founded by former Groupon and Zoosk execs that aimed to help independent films find the publicity they nearly always lack. To do so, they built a curated, on-demand video platform that would give filmmakers and distributors an alternative to traditional ad and distribution channels, while giving users an easy way to discover low-budget films they wouldn't otherwise. But, as it goes in Startup Land, sometimes even veteran advisors, seed capital, and a good idea aren't enough to keep a business afloat. Yesterday, Prescreen notified its users that it will be suspending its beta until further notice. While this doesn't exactly mean that the startup has hit the deadpool, for all intents and purposes for its users, Prescreen is no longer operational.

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Leaked Photos Suggest Full-Body Makeover for iPhone 5

Several photos emerged Tuesday that appear to tip off features in the upcoming version of Apple's iPhone. They show the back plate of what appears to be a new model of the iPhone and some internal parts. A major change revealed in the photos is an apparent modification in the device's docking connector. It's smaller -- a move that could enable Apple to increase the size and quality of the phone's speakers.

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App Icon Sticky Notes Turn Your Whole World Into iOS [Office]

You can write a mile long list of reminders on your phone, but you'll still forget them all if it's tucked away in your pocket. That's why sticky notes have yet to be replaced by deviced like the iPhone, and these app icon-themed pads seem like they're rubbing that fact in. More »

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Daily Crunch: Check-In Edition

MConcierge rolls out Guest Relationship Management solution for hospitality sector Art Lebedev Studio? Optimus Mini Six Hits Production, Will Land On Desks Later This Year Whiteboard Wall Clock Is Minimal And Practical The Nissan Leaf Review: A Fun And Practical Electric Car For The Masses Review: The HP Palm TouchPad

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Google's Letting Companies Pay for Search Results [Google Inc]

At one point, Google was proud to offer up its search results and services without any sponsored content. That seems to be changing in a pretty aggressive way, though. Google is apparently compensated by the vendors that appear in its Flight Search and Hotel Finder vertical search engines. More »

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Scientific Proof That Men Have the Dirtiest Desks [Science]

Sometimes its hard to keep your desk clean and tidy. Turns out, men seem to find it a bigger problem, because a recent study suggests that men have far, far dirtier desks than women. More »

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China greenlights Apple's third-gen iPad for 3G use, China Unicom smiles knowingly


Apple's current iPad is already cleared for China in WiFi trim, but those of us who've wanted to roam through Kunming on care-free 3G haven't had any officially approved choices. That's ending soon, as the Chinese government just gave the cellular version (A1430) the all-clear. Like in most parts of the world, Apple's slate won't use LTE given the lack of any established network in the area; HSPA's as good as it will get. The clearance is slightly odd given that the State Administration for Industry and Commerce is leaning in Proview's direction when it comes to iPad trademark ownership. With the iPad still legally available in the country, though, it's safe to say that official 3G iPad carrier China Unicom is happy to prepare for a rush of customers who want to buy a cellular iPad without using the zipline delivery method.

China greenlights Apple's third-gen iPad for 3G use, China Unicom smiles knowingly originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 30 May 2012 15:41:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Intel teams up with DeviceScape for automatic public WiFi, will hook up your Ultrabook in the background

Intel Ivy Bridge touchscreen Ultrabook reference model

We all know the coffee shop WiFi routine: crack open the laptop, visit a splash page, and dutifully wait until you're logged in before you get to Twitter. Through a new deal between Intel and DeviceScape, you won't even have to think about it. Intel's Smart Connect tool will soon automatically sign in your Ultrabook to a curated list of quality, open WiFi hotspots, even if the PC is fast asleep. This last trick might need Windows 8's Connected Standby mode to live up to Intel's expectations, but the dream is to have your email and social feeds updated and waiting before that laptop or tablet screen has even blinked into life. Intel is leaving some gaps in the story, such as whether or not gadget owners will pay a premium for the fast access. We'd guess that Intel is counting on higher computer (and more importantly, processor) sales to make up the difference.

Intel teams up with DeviceScape for automatic public WiFi, will hook up your Ultrabook in the background originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 30 May 2012 17:34:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Firefox 4 Mobile officially released for Android and Maemo devices

Firefox 4 MobileMoments ago, Mozilla stripped the release candidate moniker from Firefox 4 Mobile and pronounced it fit for public release. If you have a Nokia N900 phone, or a fairly-modern Android 2.0-or-later device, go ahead and install it from the Market, by using scanning the QR code after the break, or by visiting Firefox.com/m.

Accompanying the release is the launch of Spark, a cute social game that's designed to fuel the adoption of Firefox 4 Mobile, much like last week's use of Glow and Twitter Party during Firefox 4 PC's release.

While the browser still feels a little rough around the edges, it's definitely worth trying out if you're still using Android's stock browser. Its JavaScript performance is significantly better than any other Android browser, and if you use Firefox on your PC, its built-in Sync functionality is awesome.

Over the next few days we'll have plenty of tips and tricks for Firefox 4 Mobile, and a list of the best add-ons available for the new browser.

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DataJack MiFi 2200 Mobile Hotspot Review

Staying connected at all times is something I obsess about. I live in the woods with no cable or DSL. My only choice for broadband was a �HughesNet satellite or a T1 line. I was happy with HughesNet for awhile, but a few years later I started getting fed up with traffic caps and overall [...]

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TripAdvisor app for Windows Phone 7 now available

tripadvisor windows phone 7TripAdvisor, the popular travel planning tool, has just launched an app for Windows Phone 7. Just like the mobile website, the app allows you to search for anything travel-related -- from hotels and flights to restaurants and points-of-interest to visit once you reach your destination.

Geolocation is supported, which allows TripAdvisor to quickly locate places nearby. But while that's a neat feature, it's also a bit of a downer -- because, really, it's about the only feature TripAdvisor for WP7 brings to the table that its mobile Web app doesn't already offer (its browser-based geolocation doesn't work with WP7 at the moment).

While it's nice to see Windows Phone 7 users getting some big-name apps, it'd be even nicer if we saw some packing a bit more swagger.

Still, TripAdvisor for WP7 might just be worth installing on your device if you're frequently on the go -- at least until a better browser arrives with the Mango update.

TripAdvisor app for Windows Phone 7 now available originally appeared on Download Squad on Tue, 05 Apr 2011 09:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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